Help protect and restore our beautiful planet on Earth Day 2021

Help protect and restore our beautiful planet on Earth Day 2021

Celebrated every year on April 22nd, Earth Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the need to protect and restore our precious planet.

There are numerous activities you can take part in on an individual basis to foster climate action across the globe, such as organising a cleanup in your area, going vegan for a day, donating to an environmental charity or simply taking part in one of the many virtual events that will be taking place on the same day.

According the United Nations, Earth Day 2021 will once again see more than “1 billion people participating in activities around the world to draw attention to the urgency of the climate crisis and environmental degradation”.

The Earth Day network’s theme for Earth Day 2021 is “Restore our Earth” and placing emphasis on the “natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking, that can help restore the world’s ecosystems”. The theme features five primary programs, including The Canopy Project, Food and Environment, Climate Literacy, the Global Earth Challenge, and The Great Global CleanUp.

Online events taking place across the world for Earth Day 2021 will also be hosting Earth Day Live, a three-day online event, starting on Tuesday 20th of April, focusing on climate action and involving multiple workshops, panel discussions and special performances.

On Earth 2021, several other virtual climate-related events will also take place in parallel, including the Leaders’ Summit on Climate and the Exponential Climate Action Summit on the topic of Financing the Race to Zero emissions.

Hosted by the United States, the Leader’s Summit on Climate is a “key milestone on the road to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26)”, which is due to take place in Glasgow, UK, in November 2021.

The summit has been convened early on in President Biden’s presidency “to ensure close coordination with key players in the international community at the highest levels of government”.

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa, will be among the participants at the second virtual Exponential Climate action Summit, “where transformers, disruptors and enablers will focus on how to finance The Race to Zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Earth Day 2021 !